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Framed Bored Ape

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The Frame is the pimp of the painting.

- Edgar Degas

This is the Mona Lisa,

without her frame...

Framed Duck
Framed FVCK Crystal

Your NFTs deserve better.

Combine a Frame NFT with any artwork NFT you own to create a Framed NFT, and set your artwork apart.

Framed 907

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But how?

ERC-721 Wrapper


Frame NFT



Artwork NFT

Framed NFT

Using the framing system, you can wrap a Frame NFT and an Artwork NFT to create a new Framed NFT. The new Framed NFT holds both underlying NFTs, so if you trade a Framed NFT, you are trading both your Frame NFT and your Artwork NFT.

You can unframe your Framed NFT at any time to break it back into the Frame NFT and the Artwork NFT.

The Vision

Framed NFT is a revolutionary NFT project built around the idea of the Frame as the protagonist. We are driven to create an entire ecosystem under the following 3 framing thoughts:


Framed NFT as a platform for exhibiting and showcasing

  • Working with both physical and digital galleries, our vision is to exhibit the art housed in a Framed NFT. The owner is the curator.
  • Thinking of Frames as a canvas in their own right, we want to give artists the opportunity to showcase their creativity through Framed.


Framed NFT as a platform to bring the NFT space together

  • Partnering with other NFT communities and DAOs to give birth to joint projects.
  • Working with globally renowned artists and famous brands to create bespoke frames.


Growing together with the community and giving back to those that matter

  • Forming a DAO that gives key governing components to the owners and ensure that revenue is shared amongst NFT holders.
  • Supporting underrepresented artists in the crypto space through an artist fund financed through the growth of the project.

Frequently Asked

You can frame any mainnet ERC721 or any ERC1155 token! You can only frame one ERC1155 token per frame. NOTE: Matic nfts are not currently supported.

When you frame an NFT, a new "framed" NFT is created that owns both the frame and the paired NFT.

When you deframe an NFT, ownership of both the wrapped Frame NFT and the Artwork NFT are transferred back to you. The Framed NFT is burnt -- the Frame NFT and the Artwork NFT will NEVER be burnt.

When a Framed NFT is bought or sold, the new owner owns BOTH of the wrapped NFTs (the Frame NFT and the Artwork NFT). If you list a Framed NFT for sale, you are selling BOTH the frame and the artwork NFT.

All contracts are open sourced and publicly verified on etherscan! The Frames contract can be viewed here and our Framed contract can be viewed here.

Users are solely responsible for using the frame platform. By framing and unframing NFTs you understand the risks associated with using smartcontracts and blockchain technology. The frames and framer smart contracts are provided as is.